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We organize custom webinars for organizations. Whether you’re a company, an association or a different kind of group, we’ll create a tailored and relevant learning experience for your team.

Our webinars can be held as a one-time event or incorporated as evergreen content. To create a holistic experience, we also offer extras such as written guides, checklists, and additional resources. Let us know what your requirements are.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

  • mental well-being, happiness, healthy habits, balanced life, mindfulness
  • productivity, work-life balance, goal-setting, coping with stress
  • introduction to coaching and its benefits
We’re more than happy to cover any topic of your choice.

Companies whose employees have benefited from our webinars include

Examples of previous webinars

Mental & Emotional Well-Being Kit for the Coronavirus Crisis

Tackle Imposter Syndrome in Tech

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