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Habits are a widely proven way to boost productivity. Though, it has also be researched that setting blindly habits can be counter-effective. In this program, we help you to set healthy habits. We will provide you with the theory through our online courses, we provide you with a wide-range of self-study resources and we will coach you towards a happy life underpinned by a set of healthy habits. 

Bespoke Coaching Program
Let us empower you to set healthy sustainable habits that will bring you towards the life that suits You! We will share best practices with you and guide you towards eradicating bad habits and building a set of healthy contributing habits.
Online Learning
While on the train commuting to work. Nice and easy on the go. Use our online learning courses to help you think about the set of healthy habits that will bring you towards the life that suits you seamlessly. Enrich yourself with best practices for setting habits. Our courses work on all devices.
Self-Study Resources
We'll provide you with tons of resources that you can use while developing your arsenal of healthy habits bringing you to that amazing life!

What do others say?

All these celebrities acknowledge the value of setting healthy habits.

We do this together!

Let us take your hand and set healthy habits that will upscale your life. We will guide you through the process to set lasting healthy habits, step by step. After setting your goal, we will empower and support you to set a range of healthy habits that cover all the required life dimensions in order for you to live a happy and balanced life. 

Overcome challenges together

Here's a taste of our online courses

So you know exactly what you can expect.

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We've collected the resources so you can focus on your growth.

Over the years, extensive research on how to set healthy habits has been done by us. We have bundled all of this knowledge. These resources combined with years of experience will be coming your way!

Cherish yourself

Did you know?

Research from Duke University clarifies the importance of setting habits in our lives. They state that 40% of what we do is determined by habits. This suggests that setting the right habits is of paramount importance if we want to live in line with what we envision in life.

It's Amplio.

We want to help you to make the most our of life. You owe it the world to be your happy self. Because the happier you are, the happier the world is. Let us show you how we envision life and how we can help. Just straight from the heart. No pompous and overexcited stuff. Just genuine. That’s Amplio!

Coaching and a greener world

a cleaner world

Learning means growing as a person. Learning with Amplio means growing as a person and helping make the world a greener place. Every purchased program equals 10 trees planted. Every finished program equals 10 trees planted. Let’s get cracking! 

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.

John C. Maxwell

So, what now?

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1. Free Coaching

  • Select your preferred coach
  • Get free advice
  • Receive a tailored package

2. Informative E-book

More of a reader? Take advantage of this e-book about how to set healthy habits. Book a Free Session and we’ll send it your way!

3. Sample Video Lesson

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What program levels can you choose?

All our program levels are tailored seamlessly to your situation.

Just the essentials to get you started
  • Coaching
  • 3 Courses
  • Resources
  • Plant 10 - 20 trees
Eliminate obstacles to growth
  • Coaching
  • Full Cover
  • 3 Courses
  • Resources
  • Lifeline for Life
  • Plant 10 - 20 trees
Gain support for life and pave the future
  • Coaching
  • Full Cover
  • 3 Courses
  • Resources
  • Lifeline for Life
  • Building Strengths Week
  • Plant 10 - 20 trees

Program Features

Set your healthy habits 17 Amplio CoachingCoaching

BASIC: The amount of coaching sessions required to bring you towards your coaching goal. Includes a session about self-coaching and independence.
ADVANCED: The amount of coaching sessions required to bring you towards your coaching goal. We will set you up for sustainable growth to and beyond your coaching goal. Includes a session about self-coaching and independence.
ELITE: The amount of coaching sessions required to bring you towards your coaching goal. We will set you for sustainable growth to and beyond your coaching goal. Includes a session about self-coaching and independence. Additionally, includes a coaching week during which we will take you to an exclusive, distraction-free location for intensive and transformative coaching.

Set your healthy habits 19 Amplio Coaching3 Courses

Online Courses that will constitute the theoretical fundament for the transformation you will undergo. Includes the courses:

  • Set your Healthy Habits
  • Goal Setting in 2020 and beyond
  • Coping with anxiety and stress

Full Cover

Our purpose is to bring you towards your coaching goal. If we are not able to create a plan towards your coaching goal within the given sessions, we will endlessly continue providing you with coaching and support until you are certain that you’ll achieve your desired outcome.


Set your healthy habits 21 Amplio CoachingHealthy Habits Resources

We collected an arsenal of information to support you in your transformation process. We’ll make sure you get a clear understanding of Healthy Habits and how you can leverage them to live a balanced and amazing life


Lifeline for Life

We are your lifeline for the rest of your life. We don’t just provide coaching sessions. We want to create a partnership between you and your coach so you can rely on them for the rest of your life.


Building Strengths Day

During the building strength day, Amplio will take you on a trip that will help you in your transformation. Depending on your personality, the environment you’re living in and the coaching sessions, we will concoct a tailored program and destination. Let’s embark on an unforgettable, transformational journey together.

Got a Question?


That completely depends on your goal. Based on the info session, we develop a plan towards your desired state. This plan involves a certain amount of check-ins/coaching sessions.

After the info session, we will provide you with 3 different program levels with different price tags. On the basis of this information, you can decide if you want Amplio Coaching’s support on your personal journey. 

Expect costs to be between $500 and $2500, depending on the program level.

We have an array of experienced and trained coaches. Every one with their own story. We can determine the best-fitting coach together during the info session. Take a look at this page to find out more about our available coaches.

Nothing. The session is on us. We want to provide you with enough information to make a well-considered choice. Please also feel free to contact us with any remaining questions.

Anything else?

Set your healthy habits 23 Amplio Coaching