Process Determination

Great stuff! You have set your goals! The life you always dreamed of is at your finger tips, right? That’s what people think sometimes, but the opposite is true. Once a goal is set, it’s further away than it will ever be. However, some people seem to attain their goals so effortlessly, while you are still struggling to achieve that one goal. How can that be? We all have the same amount of time, right? Sure thing. Some people are just simply more effective, bold and thorough when it comes to hitting their goals. Are those people just lucky for possessing this skill? No, they undoubtedly persevered for a long time to obtain them! Luckily, these are skills that can be learned by anybody. 

At Amplio Coaching, we are specialized on the basis of years of experience and mastering the process determination theories, to help you learn to reach all your goals and obtain a happy, fulfilling and balanced life. 

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You'll get: 40+ video lessons on how to improve your coping strategies for any life event, coping frameworks that you can put into practice right away... And more!

Coping with Anxiety in 2020

You'll get: 40+ video lessons on how to improve your coping strategies for any life event, coping frameworks that you can put into practice right away... And more!

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Process Determination @ Amplio

Once your goals have been set, it doesn’t mean that they will be attained magically. Concocting an effective process towards reaching your goals is imperative not only in business but also in life. You want to be as thorough and meticulous in your personal life as you might be in business. That’s why you should take determining the process towards your goals at least as seriously. Determining a process is imperative to leading you towards the goals that you envision for your desired life.

But determining the process towards your goals is not a given. It’s not like an effortless path that you can walk without any distractions on the way. Determining the process towards your goal is a life struggle that we collectively go through. You might have moments when you believe that you are in control of reaching your goal. That can change completely overnight. Nevertheless, determining the process towards your goals is a skill. You have people who can easily attain tens of ambitious goals a year where others are struggling with the one goal that they already aiming to achieve for years. To determine your processes towards your goals well will result in:

1. Peace of mind that you will reach your goals.
2. Enhanced likelihood of attaining your goals.
3. Improving your decisiveness and effectivity in pursuing your goals.

At Amplio Coaching, we believe that every process determination effort should mainly embody four elements. First and foremost, the process that you determine towards your goal has to be in line with you as a person. The process should match your values and your personal strengths. Secondly, the process should be in line with your environment. The process that you determine highly depends on the environment you’re surrounded with. What network do you have? Which possessions do you have that can facilitate the process towards your goal? Thirdly, the process should be structured and organized. It needs to be a process that you can reflect on and where you can assess the progress you’re making. Lastly, but certainly not least, there needs to be flexibility incorporated in the process. While you’re walking the path of your process towards your goal, it could be that you’re not able to adhere to your determined process. Unexpected events can derail you from your path. The inbuilt flexibility will enable you to pivot the right way when you’re hit by adversity or life requires you to change your course.

The benefits of figuring out your process toward your goal effectively are obvious, but doing so in real life is a trade of its own. In the Amplio Process Determination Course we will help you to determine you process towards your goal effectively, personally and in line with your values and environment. Among others by providing you with:

1. An easily applicable toolkit to determine the process towards your goals.
2. Skills indispensable to concocting a plan towards your goals.
3. Tips and #lifehacks to create a plan that will most definitely lead you to your goals.