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Amplio believes that you have a realm of untapped potential. It’s well-known that two know more than one, especially if one of them’s a specialist, right? Day in day out, you are working hard to meet the high standards you set for yourself. Now the time has come to treat yourself. Everybody has an hour of spare time, right? So treat yourself to a free 1-1 coaching session today!

At Amplio Coaching, we developed a straightforward and easy to follow process to becoming a coachee. Here are the steps:

1) Free Intake session
In this intake session we determine what your goals and expectations for the coaching are. The coach assesses your character style and gauges how they can help you reach your goals and maximize your potential. This way, you know that you’ll get the most out of your personalized coaching program!

2) Free Coaching Report + Plan
After your intake the coach will create a detailed report tailored to you personally. Additionally, they will create a coaching plan according to your specific requirements, including the following sections:
> Goal-Setting
> Process Determination
> Coping with challenges
> Interventions

Amplio does not offer coaching to just anybody.
To be eligible for Amplio coaching the conditions are:
> You are motivated.
> You are committed and willing to allocate time accordingly.
Prior to any coaching, Amplio assesses all potential coachees on these conditions.

Amplio’s goal is always to empower you to fix upcoming challenges in your life yourself. This might sound a bit crude, but we would prefer not to see you again after your coaching program. We want to have trained you to the extent that you are able to cope with every challenge life throws at you, on your own.
We cut through the noise and prefer to tackle the trunk of the tree instead of the branches, i.e. we go to the core of the challenge and make sure the solutions are sustainable in the long-term.

1. Our coaches are industry experts who will use the latest proven methodologies to coach you.
2. Down-to-earth, clear and actionable processes tailored to your preferences and requirements.
3. Free access to our online courses.
4. Our sessions are online or by phone and flexible, so you can get your coaching in whenever it suits you best!

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