The Gratitude Challenge has ended now. Here are some highlights:



I’m really grateful for just living where we do in Canada, lots of open space.


Hello, beautiful people.
My name is Kim.

One thing I’m very, very,
very grateful for in my life right now, is my family.

What could be more important than those people, what could be more important than sharing success and prosperity with that group of people who’ve been there for you, with you from the very beginning.


So I’m very thankful for the great weather, that I’m able to work from home and that I’m able to work from my family’s
place, that I have some time to spend with my family as well.


So today, I am grateful for my health and wellbeing, the sunshine, the birds singing, this moment right now that I’m actually able to be here.


If I had to pick just one, I’m most grateful for my loved ones and my health, because without that, we can’t really be grateful for anything else.


I’m here to say one thing that I’m really grateful for today is… this little kitten!


Hi, guys. I’m Lukas from Austria, and I’m grateful and very thankful that I can finally spend some time with my family in my hometown and not be alone in my apartment in Vienna anymore.

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