Get rid of your anxiety in 2020.

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70+ quality videos

Videos that are educative and fun. Make learning a fun thing to do and grow together with Amplio. Let these video lessons pave the path towards your desired future state

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Put your thoughts into practice with Amplio designed worksheet. These worksheets will enable you to systematically grow toward you desired future state.

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Benefit from a free coaching session and put the obtained theory into practice. Discuss with a professional your path towards your desired future state.

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Plant 5 trees

When you take this course and finish it, we will plant 5 trees. Combine learning with contributing to the environment

Actionable Coaching
We believe in providing the tools that will enable you to cope with anxiety, not in rambling on about theory. All our lessons can be put into action right away!
Proven Frameworks
You'll learn to leverage frameworks backed by years of scientific research and data. If they work for so many people, why wouldn't they work for you?
Find out how to build robust and sustainable personal coping skills that will enable you to overcome stress and anxiety more effectively in the future.

Gain indispensable skills

If you want to progress towards your goals adversity can throw you back. Don’t let that happen anymore. Invest some time to take this course and you’ll make anxiety and change your friend.

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What they say

Keshab Shrestha
Keshab Shrestha
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This course has helped me deal with anxiety while combining my professional objectives for my travel agency with my personal goals.
Christiaan van Egmond
Christiaan van Egmond
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Anxiety is always on the look out while progressing towards my goals. This course helped me to develop actionable strategies.
Antoinette Jane
Antoinette Jane
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This course has been such an eye-opener for me. I always thought I knew how to cope with anxiety, but these techniques pivoted my approach entirely. Thanks Amplio.

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