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“Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business.” 

Richard Branson

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Find meaning

Find and cherish a sense of meaning and impact from doing your day-to-day job

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Build a growth plan that aligns personal with professional goals

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Reduce Attrition


You invest heavily in recruiting the right people but you notice that they leave almost at the same rate as they are recruited. The truth is that we are dealing with a global attrition crisis, spearheaded by the tech industry.


High attrition rates cannot merely be solved by increasing wages and secondary benefits. One requirement for retention and success is often overlooked: employees' mental health. A lack of opportunities for personal development, which impacts mental health negatively, is the main driver of a higher attrition rate.


Amplio Coaching supports organisations in satisfying tech employees' needs for personal development in the midst of companies' surging growth. Amplio helps fast-growing tech organisations with employee development and allows them to focus on reaping market potential.

Millennials who work in tech are known to be particularly susceptible to increased stress levels and burn-out, resulting in a high turnover rate.


Turnover Rate across all Industries

The high turnover rate in tech is driven by rising demand & compensation. Companies have to set themselves apart by providing solid secondary benefits like coaching in order to retain their employees.

Millennials left their job due to burn-out

A large proportion of millennials succumb to the high work pressure and professional competition that characterises the tech industry. Companies need to ensure access to mental health resources for all their employees.

More likely convince a colleague to leave 

Millennials are a well-connected generation and adept at disseminating information. Companies should leverage this disposition for employee advocacy instead of letting it work against them when employees are dissatisfied.

Return on Investment

What gains can you expect from an investment in Amplio Coaching

Remote Work

Find Meaning

Stay on Track

Employee Engagement 
Voluntary Turnover 
Involuntary Turnover
Top Talent Turnover
Work Stress
Spiritual Connection
Personal Growth

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