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How does Amplio's coaching stand out?

Amplio’s goal is always to empower you to fix upcoming challenges in your life yourself. This might sound a bit crude, but we would prefer not to see you again after your coaching program. We want to have trained you to the extent that you are able to cope with every challenge life throws at you, on your own.

We cut through the noise and prefer to tackle the trunk of the tree instead of the branches, i.e. we go to the core of the challenge and make sure the solutions are sustainable in the long-term.

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Custom Coaching Programs

We offer coaching programs that are focused on particular challenges millennials might be facing. Nevertheless, you are free to create a program that is completely tailored to you.

Stop Overthinking | Act

Stop the grind. Live up to your full potential.
We have to stop overthinking in order to stop the mental hamster wheel that we are running around in. If we are able to stop overthinking, we can free up space for a healthy sustainable life, where we can grow to our full potential.

Eliminate Imposter Syndrome

Overcome that feeling of being a fraud.
More than 70% of millennials experience imposter syndrome and feel like frauds at some point in their lives. Learn how to overcome it and how to not let it affect your performance. Become confident and self-assured. 

Set your Healthy Habits

The right habits can get you very far.
Habits are a widely proven way to boost productivity. However, it has also been researched that setting habits blindly can be counter-effective. In this program, we help you to set healthy habits  that will lead you to a happy life.

Healthy Academic Life

Learn to balance your academic and personal lives.
We would like to help you set effective goals, create healthy habits, and increase your mental wellbeing, so you can make the most out of your PhD process, or any other academic journey you're embarking on.

Online Coaching with Amplio


We believe that you have a realm of untapped potential within you. Day in day out, you are working hard to meet the high standards you set for yourself. 

Now the time has come to treat yourself. Everybody has an hour of spare time, right? So treat yourself to a free 1-1 coaching consultation today.
Personalized - progress at your own pace
100% confidential
Keep track of your progress digitally
Anywhere, anytime - tailored to your schedule
Proven methods backed by research

How does it work?

Take the following steps and gauge if coaching suits you



In this intake session, we determine what your goals and expectations for the coaching are. The coach assesses your character style and gauges how they can help you reach your goals and maximize your potential. This way, you know that you’ll get the most out of your personalized coaching program!


Free Coaching Report + Plan

After your intake, the coach will create a detailed report tailored to your person, needs and desires. Additionally, they will create a coaching plan and explain how your coaching journey is going to look like. 



In addition to accompanying you through as many coaching sessions as required to attain your goals, your coach will set you up for future success by providing you with self-coaching techniques. This way, you'll benefit from your coaching plan long after your coaching sessions have finished.
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Program Features

Depending on the program level, your program will include these components.


BASIC: The amount of coaching sessions required to bring you towards your coaching goal. Includes a session about self-coaching and independence.

ADVANCED: The amount of coaching sessions required to bring you towards your coaching goal. We will set you up for sustainable growth to and beyond your coaching goal. Includes a session about self-coaching and independence.

ELITE: The amount of coaching sessions required to bring you towards your coaching goal. We will set you for sustainable growth to and beyond your coaching goal. Includes a session about self-coaching and independence. Additionally, includes a coaching week during which we will take you to an exclusive, distraction-free location for intensive and transformative coaching.


We'll provide you with all the supporting resources you'll need to achieve your desired progress during and after your coaching program. These may include online courses, reading materials, and worksheets.

We believe that self-study is essential for being able to make the most of your program, and for sustainable improvement in the future.


Our purpose is to help you reach your coaching goal. If we are not able to create a plan towards your coaching goal within the given sessions, we will endlessly continue providing you with coaching and support until you are certain that you’ll achieve your desired outcome. 

Example: If we decide to spend two sessions instead of one  on a specific impediment, we will provide you with the required additional session for free.


During the building strength day, Amplio will take you on a trip that will help you in your transformation. Depending on your personality, the environment you’re living in and the coaching sessions, we will concoct a tailored program and destination.

 Let’s embark on an unforgettable, transformational journey together.

Program Levels

Choose the level that suits you best.


✓ Coaching Sessions
✓ Additional Resources
✓ Plant 10-20 Trees
Full Cover
Building Strengths Day


✓ Coaching Sessions
✓ Additional Resources
✓ Plant 10-20 Trees
✓ Full Cover
Building Strengths Day


✓ Coaching Sessions
✓ Additional Resources
✓ Plant 10-20 Trees
✓ Full Cover
✓ Building Strengths Day

Create a better world.


Learning with Amplio means growing as a person and helping make the world a greener place. Every purchased program equals 10 trees planted. Every finished program equals 10 trees planted.

Let’s get cracking!

P.S. We work with One Tree Planted for this.
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Frequently Asked Questions


That completely depends on your goal. Based on the first, free session, we develop a plan towards your desired state. This plan involves a certain amount of check-ins/coaching sessions.

After the session, we will provide you with 3 different program levels with different price tags. On the basis of this information, you can decide whether you want Amplio Coaching’s support on your personal journey.

Expect costs to be between $500 and $2500, depending on the program level.


We have an array of experienced and trained coaches. 

Every one with their own story. 

We can determine the best-fitting coach together during the info session.


You can book your slot here.

Learn to make the most out of life.
There's so much more out there for you!


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