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We stir things up in discussions. We drive social change. We believe there’s more to work than earning money. We change the world into a better place to live and to work. Organizations have to adapt their entire culture and organizational processes to us. Nobody understands us, nor do we understand ourselves. 

We Are Millennials.

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We give the most to charities. We are very interested in self-improvement. We care a lot about the environment. We are the most educated generation in existence.

Though, we often have to rely on our parents for financial assistance. We earn significantly less than the previous generation at our age. We are the most stressed/burned out generation. And we have loads of anxiety.

The way to coach people has evolved and we believe that traditional coaching is not catered to us millennials. We at Amplio Coaching tailor our programs to the unique characteristics of millennials. We provide relatable, positive, actionable and experience-rich coaching. 

Because Millennials are perfectionists, we are often burnt out.

Because Millennials are natural carers, we often get anxious about the state of the world.

Because Millennials want to do more in life than just a mediocre job, we often feel stuck.


Amplio Coaching believes that we are at an inflection point in life and that we decide what the world is going to look like. We understand the huge responsibility that’s on millennial shoulders. We want to empower millennials to live their best lives through coaching. 

Through our tailored programs, we transform stress and anxiety into motivational energy to pursue life goals. We arm millennials with the skills they need to make the most out of their time on Earth.

Through thorough research and combining the experience of a diverse worldwide community of millennials, Amplio designs programs for millennials to move to the next level.

Everybody can benefit from a helping hand once in a while. We are your helping hand. We empower you to live your best life.

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Millennial Coach & founder

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Health & wellbeing coach

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PhD & Postdoc coach

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CMO & Co-founder

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lifestyle & relationship coach

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life coach

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Career coach

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