About Amplio

We stir things up in discussions. We drive social change. We believe there’s more to work than earning money. We change the world into a better place to live and to work. Organizations have to adapt their entire culture and organizational processes to us. Nobody understands us, nor do we understand ourselves.

We are millennials.
We give the most to charities. We are very interested in self-improvement. We care a lot about the environment. We are the most educated generation in existence.

Though, we often have to rely on our parents for financial assistance. We earn significantly less than the previous generation at our age. We are the most stressed/burned out generation. And we have loads of anxiety.

The way to coach people has evolved and we believe that traditional coaching is not catered to us millennials. We at Amplio Coaching tailor our programs to the unique characteristics of millennials. We provide relatable, positive, actionable and experience-rich coaching. 
Amplio Coaching believes that we are at an inflection point in life and that we decide what the world is going to look like. We understand the huge responsibility that is on millennials' shoulders. We empower millennials to live their best lives through coaching.

Through thorough research and combining the experience of a diverse worldwide community of millennials, Amplio designs programs for millennials to move to the next level.

Everybody can benefit from a helping hand once in a while. We are your helping hand. We empower you to live your best life.

The Amplio Coaching Team

Each of us has their own specialities. We want to ensure that we provide you with the right coach that can help on the basis of past experiences.
Jasper de taeye life coach founder amplio


Millennial Career & Purpose Coach
Jasper is the founder of Amplio Coaching. He believes that every single person has the potential to overcome any challenge in life and to be happy. By equipping people with a mental arsenal, he hopes to help as many people as possible to counter adversity and to thrive.

He is certified in life coaching through the Dublin Business University. In addition, he obtained his master NLP practitioner at the Scottish Centre of NLP.
helene choo cmo content genius amplio coaching


Content & Marketing Genius
Helene is the brain behind Amplio’s digital presence.

She gained her marketing experience at Google, among others.

Helene has been involved in numerous wellbeing initiatives focused on work-life balance, teamwork & mindfulness.


Millennial Wellbeing Coach
Lukas has gathered experience while working at Google and other major companies.

He is highly engaged in the educational system and working with Millennials from Universities, while also maintaining a strong work-life-romance by running his own consulting business. He works as a mentor for marketing high potentials too.

On a private note, he is fully committed to "Lifestyle Design" including exercising, mindfulness, nutrition, sleep sciences and all other aspects needed for pursuing happiness.
lisa emmerik amplio coaching


Lifestyle & Relationship Coach
After finishing her Master’s in Psychology and a getting her coaching degree, Lisa worked as a trainer/coach and actor for five years.

She believes that setting goals and working on personal growth is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself. In this process, a coach can’t change your life for you, but can help you pave your own way, and give you a nudge (or, if necessary, a firm push) in the right direction.
bukky john amplio coaching


Health & Wellbeing Coach
Bukky is a health and personal coach who empowers people to move closer to their full self-expression and live fulfilled.

She aims to empower people to believe in themselves, take control of their lives through positive thinking and mindset coaching, healthy eating programs, and active problem-solving to live enriched lives.

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