5 Important reasons why millennials need coaching

By Jasper de Taeye on May 3, 2020

5 Important reasons why millennials need coaching 1 Amplio CoachingWe believe that the millennial generation is the generation with the highest potential. Millennials are able to accomplish great things and have already proven this time after time. Generation X and the baby boomers are benefiting daily from all the inventions made by millennials.

Though, this geniality comes at a cost. Our generation is also the one with the highest emotional sensitivity. We experience everything super intensely. The millennial generation is blessed and cursed at the same time. We can contribute significantly to society if our potential is harnessed well. Although, if our competencies and energy aren't channelized well, we can reach miserable lows. In this post, we will share how coaching can help millennials to harness their potential and live their best lives.

The characteristics of millennials

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, the term Millennials generally refers to the generation of people born between the early 1980s and  late 1990s. Oxford Dictionary states: a person who belongs to the generation became an adult in the early 21st century. Society has branded the millennial generation with many labels, including:

  • Non-committal 
  • Restless
  • Tech Savvy 
  • Lazy
  • Achievement-oriented 
  • Entitled

5 Important reasons why millennials need coaching 3 Amplio Coaching

The general view of society of millennials can often be negative. However, the millennial generation has an abundance of potential that, when harnessed properly,  can move mountains. Let me enlist 5 Millennial characteristics that we have identified: 

  • High Emotional Sensitivity
  • Eager
  • Willingness to contribute
  • Passionate about their own journey
  • Adventurous 

When managed well, these characteristics can boost millennials to the highest highs. If not nurtured well, they can intensify, sending them spiraling down to the lowest lows.  

5 reasons why millennials should take online coaching

5 Important reasons why millennials need coaching 5 Amplio CoachingThe millennial generation is currently the generation most present in our workforce. The contribution of the millennials to our entire world is significant in the times we are living. For that reason, it is of paramount importance that we set this generation up for success. 

Though societal pressure and a unique set of difficult challenges that millennials are facing doesn't make life easy for them. We want to make the most out of our lives and make our family proud. But it is hard. 

Coaching can help millennials to gain clarity, harness their strengths, and grow their capabilities. A coach can act as a confidante, facilitator, and thought partner in maximizing millennials' potential. According to the International Coaching Federation, reasons why millennials look into coaching are to boost their self-esteem, to find better job opportunities, and to create a work-life balance. This ties well into the characteristics of millennials we've identified above and our 5 reasons why millennials should take online coaching.

1. Manage their high emotional sensitivity

5 Important reasons why millennials need coaching 7 Amplio CoachingA global survey conducted by the Harvard Business Review found that millennials crave feedback in their lives. They are looking for the validation of their well-intended actions. and want to be accepted more than any other generation. 

A coach can help to establish a feedback-rich lifestyle. They can help to develop strategies for millennials to develop towards their potential while leveraging their high emotional sensitivity fully. Millennials' high emotional sensitivity is a strength, but needs to be managed well for it to thrive.

2. Channelize millennials' energy

The paths that millennials can take in their careers and in their personal lives have exploded if you compare it to previous generations. They are the first generation to experience an abundance of career opportunities throughout the world and throughout industries. Also, they're the first generation that can affordably travel the entire world and establish almost any lifestyle. But how to make the most of the options at hand?

A coach can help to provide clarity on which options suit best and how to focus the relentless energy in order to maximize results.

3. Create a millennial life with a suitable contribution level

5 Important reasons why millennials need coaching 9 Amplio CoachingAccording to Forbes, "Millennials are an idealistic, altruistic generation". A generation that is passionate about social causes that benefit the greater good. Millennials want a more equal, environmentally conscious and animal-friendly world. A lot of millennials are knotted up with emotional stress about contributing to a better world and at the same time providing for themselves and their families.

A coach can help to find ways to create a balanced, contributing life that suits millennial values.

4. Live your unique millennial life in an imposing society

Society puts its demands on us. From a career perspective to a relational perspective, society demands certain conventional behavior of us. These conventional acts can contravene significantly with our authentic selves. Nevertheless, often enough, we millennials give in. We don't want to upset the people in our close proximity. A coach can help you to design an authentic life while reconciling this with societal demands and the expectations of your environment.

5. How to combine adventure with a balanced life as a millennial

5 Important reasons why millennials need coaching 11 Amplio CoachingMany of us millennials are not satisfied with a 9-to-5 job and a proper residential home. We see life as an amazing journey that we want to make the most out of. We are adventurous and want to embrace life fully. 

However, we know that we have to settle down eventually. Millennials can feel distress when their adventurous life flows over into a mundane life. A coach can help to keep the fire alive and to keep living an adventurous life in a balanced fashion. They can help to design a life that meets the millennial's adventurous needs and, at the same time, cope with the stress, anxiety, and insecurities that may pop up along the way. 

Why online coaching for millennials?

5 Important reasons why millennials need coaching 13 Amplio CoachingThe trend of looking for a coach to support you in establishing a happy and successful life has already been on the rise for years. Due to the globalized and distributed economy, plus accelerated by the societal implications of COVID-19, online coaching has become more popular. And that makes sense. 

Online coaching provides you with a range of benefits in comparison to face-to-face coaching. The more digitalized economy and distributed world we're living in, might make online coaching the new standard. The advantages of online coaching include, among others:

  • Suitable to anybody's schedule
  • Location-flexible
  • Rich communication tools to work together effectively
  • Keep the structure (+accountability) in place
  • A safe, anonymous place to be coached
  • Affordable

Online coaching is beneficial for both the coach and the client. We can both make more use of our time and not waste it on commuting!

- Jasper de Taeye

5 Important reasons why millennials need coaching 15 Amplio CoachingMillennials are referred to as the trophy generation. They've been called the lazy and privileged generation. We have the reputation of being difficult to work with because we disrupt the balance in a team. There have been a lot of negative messages surrounding the millennials over the past years. 

We believe that this is for a specific reason, namely that there is so much potential in this generation. We are the generation that grew up using a Nokia 3310 but is now typing away on our iPhones. And, we're also the generation that was overwhelmed by a suddenly accelerating world since the rise of the internet. We experience it all but it made us also a highly emotionally sensitive generation.

If managed and coached well, we can bring business ideas and teams to unimaginable heights. If managed and coached poorly, we tend to move on and not waste our lives on pursuing a misfitting lifestyle. The millennials are a generation that will be looked back on for centuries. Let's capitalize on their potential through effective coaching. 

Amplio Coaching ensures that millennials reap the benefit of their potential through 21st century effective- and personally tailored coaching. Give it a shot yourself and discover whether this can help boost your life satisfaction.

Article written by Jasper de Taeye

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