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Let’s say all your goals are within a deep dark forest. We help you locate those goals in this forest, help you to find the path towards and meanwhile help you to deal with all the scary creatures on the way.

Amplio can help you towards your goals through relationship coaching, career coaching, lifestyle coaching and trauma coaching.

An Amplio Life Coach is a certified professional who, rather than giving advice based on the coach their journey, helps you to set your personal goals, determine a you-tailored process and cope with any personal impediment towards reaching your potential. 

Only you know where you want to go in life. Amplio’s life coaches merely help you to discover that inner desire and strength. Our Life coaches interact with you in a thought-provoking process delving into your deeper desires.  

With the result that together with the client a creative personal process can be established towards the client’s goals. This enables the client to really tap in to their personal and professional potential, being a successful and happy person.

1. We will help you set goals towards a happy and fulfilling life.
2. We will help you gain clarity and direction towards a happy and fulfilling life.
3. We will be straightforward with you and provide you with feedback that will help you grow.
4. We will be your nice but strict friend and hold you accountable to tapping into your full potential.

Amplio’s clients have seen the following results as a consequence of their coaching:


> Overcome a difficult break-up

> Find the love of their lives


> Find work that they like

> Able to manage the stress at work

> Transform being fired into a positive


> Make the most out of living abroad

> Find the way to loose weight that worked for them

> Build a live around sports accordingly


> Transform the energy of a trauma in inspiration to grow

> Make a trauma less present in your life and learn to enjoy the present moment

Amplio’s life coaches will help you to unlock your potential through developing your awareness, supporting acceptance, encouraging you to take responsibility, tapping into your tenacity and building your emotional resilience.

We have coached people throughout the world. We have coached individuals and groups from the Netherlands, to the UK, to the USA all the way to India.

Let’s start today! Let’s do this together! Together we will dissolve any psychological blockers and be your friend on your journey that you can always rely on.