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We've had the honor to support some bright minds on their life paths.

The Coaching Journey Explained

Over the years, we discovered that you didn't always know what to expect prior to starting coaching. So, let us give you a rough overview.

The Intake

First Session
This session is all about establishing a base for a successful coach-client relationship. The status quo will be discovered and identified. Consequently, we will explore your desired future.

Set your Goals and Determine the Process towards them

1 Session
In this indispensable session, we'll determine your coaching goals by leveraging Amplio's six goal-setting techniques. From your current situation, we will determine the process towards your goals and identify milestones that will drive you there. 

Achieve Milestones and Overcome Hurdles

Multiple Sessions
Once the goals and process have been determined, we can start progressing. Together, we'll determine tasks you need to fulfill to achieve milestones. During the session, we'll fix check-ins and learn from adversity that we encounter on our way towards your goals. 

Self-Coaching #independence

1 session
Once you have been set up for success to achieve your coaching goals, Amplio ensures that you'll attain any future goal you set in your life through sharing the skill of self-coaching. We will provide you with a model including tools, techniques and a mindset that suit your life goals and ambitions. 

Reflect and Set up the Future for Success

1 session
In the final session, we will reflect on the path walked. We'll take learnings from the challenges, victories and personal idiosyncrasies. Together, we'll draw a path for the future and set you up for a successful and happy life. 

Amplio Coaching and You

What can you expect? Is this something for you? 
This is something for you if:
You're an ambitious millennial
You enjoy life but you want to get more out of it
You want to worry less and live more
You want to focus on things that matter to you
You don't want to settle for a mediocre life
You are ready to invest in yourself
This is not something for you if:
You think there's a silver bullet to happiness
You believe that other people determine your life path
You like to experience struggle every day
You like the status quo and nothing should be changed
You aren't willing to work hard for the life you want
You think your coach will solve all your problems for you

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